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Welcome to my ScandinAsian food blog. A blog about what I like to make in my little Norweigan kitchen, from homemade meals to fun creative sandwiches. My parents gave me the name Sorieya, a Cambodian name, which means sun. I'm originally from the United States. Now I'm currently living in Norway, married to a Norwegian man with 3 beautiful children. It's hard being away from my family back in the States and I miss them everyday. I am not an artist but I love making fun sandwiches for my kids. I am not a professional chef but I love to cook and I love being in the kitchen. I love introducing my children to different kind of international food, introducing food from my childhood and explaining to my kids the history about their culture and food. I love spending those quality time together teaching my little ones how to make bread, Khmer food, and teaching me Norwegian. My Norwegian isn't that great but I do understand just the basics but speaking it, that's another story.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fun sandwiches I made for my kids

Ordinary open sandwiches were kind of getting boring (plain squared bread with boring cold cuts, plain cheese slices). In our family my husband and our kids eat a lot of open sandwiches because it's the Scandinavian way. I wanted to get creative so I started to browse around online about  fun sandwiches. So I got into making these characteristic sandwiches. I think it's fun making these.

Here is a link of more fun sandwiches I've have made. Click on the link and check it out :)

My lunch. Gotye & Kimbra "Somebody that I used to know"

Cheddar Cheese Tweety Bird

Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails open face sandwiches.

New England Patriots Logo and Football sandwiches

Homer Simpson from The Simpsons

Marge Simpson from The Simpsons

Maggie from the Simpsons 

Lisa and Bart Simpson

Toad from Super Mario Bros. 

Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro

Nekobus from My Neighbor Totoro




Boo from Super Mario Bros and Dono-kun

Bob the Builder 

Goomba from Super Mario Bros.




Lightning McQueen

Wall E

Raving Rabbids 

Yoshi from Super Mario Bros. 


Angry Birds

Bus and an Apple Car

Phineas and Ferb

Miss Piggy


Rudolph the red nosed reindeer sandwich

Donkey Sandwich

Lion Sandwich

Woof Woof. Cute dog face sandwich I made, with ham, cheese, mayonnaise, mustard, lettuce. Salami for tongue. Apple cars.

I made 3 little bear sandwiches with 3 homemade tomato soup in color cups for my 3 little kid.

April 5. I had made my son Football head/Arnold sandwich from Nickelodeon Hey Arnold! Sandwich is with ham, cheese, mayonnaise. 

For my little girls. I made them Timmy sandwiches from Timmy Time. They love Timmy. 

April 3 I have  made Perry the platypus sandwich from Phineas and Ferb for my son.

Today April 1, I've tried to make my 3 little ones, 3 Totoro sandwiches and Totoro eggs. It came out okay a lot of work but my kids loved it. They did recognize what I've made for them and they are huge Totoro fans. Here is a site with cool sandwich arts and stuff at http://www.annathered.com/

March 31, 2012. I made my kids the caterpillar sandwich from one of their favorite books The very Hungry Caterpillar :)                   

March 30, 2012. I used what I had in my fridge and made Miss Piggy sandwich from The Muppets. My kids thought it was awesome.

March 29, 2012. I made Wall-E sandwich

My kids wanted me to make Disney Phineas and Ferb sandwiches for their lunch tomorrow and that I did.

Gold fish sandwich

I made for my son today Mario's friend Luigi from Super Mario

I made for my daughter, Lisa Simpson from her favorite show The Simpsons

For my other little daughter, I made her ice cream sandwich.

Choo Choo train sandwich.

Super Mario sandwich.

I made this specially for my husband,  dragon sandwich.

For lunch today I made my kids space rocket sandwiches with fruit & veggie planets. Cheese and bread for the stars. I found a little star shape from my kids toys and used it to cut the shape for my bread to make stars.               

I made Homer Simpson sandwich from The Simpsons

For both my daughters I just had to make them monkey sandwiches. It was so sweet how they said Thank you, mommy with their big smile on their faces.........

.......For my son I made his favorite Legos. Peanut butter lego head man and nuggati lego block. Inside the tarts I chopped up little fruits and veggies (blueberries, apples, cucumber.

I also made Domo kun sandwich today for my kids lunch served with seaweed tempura and kiwi jelly snack.  

This was a fun way to get my husband and kids to eat their veggies. Angry bird

Hoot Hoot. I made turkey and cheese owl sandwiches. So fun to make and my kids love them.

Nintendo DS sandwiches for my son. Cucumber pacman on the turkey screen. He loved it.

My son is such a huge fan of Disney Cars. I made my kids " Tow Mater" sandwiches.

 I also made hello kitty sandwiches for my daughters. My husband wanted one too. It was fun making these.

Sponge bob Square Pants sandwich

And his best friend Patrick starfish

Tried to make Winnie the pooh bear for my daughter. It sort of look like pooh bear but she loved it.

I made my kids one of their favorites character from In the Night Garden " Makka Pakka" sandwiches and they absolutely loved it. I made it with peanut butter.

Pacman sandwiches for my husband